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Where are you based and how far do you travel?

MASS are based in Sligo and perform nationwide. 



Do you supply a DJ?

Our DJ can be ready to start as soon as the band has finished and will play till late. We encourage you to send some tunes that you really love.

How much do you charge? 

We would be happy to gave you a quote if you email us at with information on where and when your occasion is taking place. 

How long does it take to set up?

We can set up & soundcheck within 45/55mins after the stage area is made available to us depending on the ease of access to your function room.  

(Keep in mind the stage in some function rooms may be used as your top table which would mean we would have to wait for it to be cleared before set up.)



Can you set up before the meal?

Although in most cases this is not necessary, we can be set up before the meal if that is what is desired. As this requires everyone to be on-site earlier in the day than would normally be necessary, a small additional fee is required.



How long do you play and do you take breaks?

We will play for two hours. We will take a 15/20 min break when the refreshments are served (this break is not included in our playing time). 



Do you provide all your own equipment? 

We use a full professional lights system and sound system which we can adapt to suit the size of the room we are playing in.



Can I choose the setlist?

It is generally best to leave the set to the band. As we have years of experience entertaining audiences, we know how to choose the right song for the right moment. However if there are songs on our set that you would definitely like us to play or songs you would rather we left out that will be no problem at all, just let us know in advance

Should I have the band play our first dance, or is a recording better?

Most people prefer to have a download, since this is the “exact version” of their special song. If you have a choreographed dance, then we highly recommend using a download, it will be exactly the same as you have rehearsed. (we recommend a download instead of CD as cd’s can skip)

However, in some cases we can play the song for you and we will do our best to learn it.



What happens if things on our day run behind schedule?

We understand and are fully aware that most weddings have delays. No matter what time we get playing at we will still play our full show.

A late start fee will be charged if the band are delayed through no fault of their own OR if required to start from 11.30pm onwards.



Can you provisionally hold a date?

Due to the high volume of enquiries that we receive we unfortunately have to operate on a first come, first served basis with deposits.


Do you play at other occasions as well as weddings?

Of course. We love playing in pubs and clubs, birthday parties, festivals and any other occasion that we can add our unique funky sound to. 



When can we see MASS play?

We play regularly around Ireland. Follow us on Facebook Instagram or Twitter to find out when our next gig is coming up.









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