A disco-funk, dance extravaganza, with smatterings of pop and rock, from the 70's right through to present day. MASS kick out the jams with a huge catalogue of quirky covers, dance-floor hopping mash-ups, and mind-bending medleys!


From the disco inferno of a world famous, weekly jam session in Sligo, hurled into existence was a groove-hungry, power sextet of musicians, that won't stop 'til you get enough, and are fully intent on making you freak out!


With a monstrous set-list amassed over many years of torching many of Ireland's most flame-retardant dance-floors, this band of musical miscreants can weave effortlessly between disco covers, rap classics, funked out reggae jams, rock anthems, and pop hits!


Covering the likes of  Chic, Snap, The Jackson 5, Talking Heads, Florence and the Machine, Daft Punk, and Run DMC, to name but a few, MASS are guaranteed to make your body rock.


For any occasion where you want to get those people shaking, grooving, and moving, MASS will bring it, whether a smaller acoustic jam session, or a full-frontal, festival party time!!


About the Musicians


Our vocalist, Gráinne, has been on the music scene for over a decade with a background in gospel, soul and R&B. Her vocals have been compared to divas such as Aretha Franklin and Beyoncé. Guaranteed to surprise and move you !


On eclectic-electric guitar, Donal's angular guitar licks, and spine-tingling solos shock and awe crowds, stunning unsuspecting passers-by with bristling musicianship and deft touches of colour.


Bringing the light and shade to to fore, ring-master Peter's irresistible, latin percussion grooves, and vocal musings, not to mention rap super-stylings, will have you utterly enthralled, and leave you dazzled for days.


The 'Boss of the Bottom End”, the “Lord of Low Frequency”, known from Kansas to Belfast, there's nothing that Jaimie can't handle, whether it's jazz, funk, hip-hop or rock, he'll give it to you, PHAT!


Alison's super sparkling sax sounds get everyone on that dancefloor, as well as adding texture and layers to this dynamic dance band with her dexterous keyboard playing.  

This gang is kept tight as a button by drum superstar, and 80's TV Show enthusiast, Tony, whose mix of bone -shaking groove and comedic drumming expertise (learnt from a highly respected Indonesian comedy-drum guru) will keep you dancing for hours after they finish their set!